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31.12.2021: XR Hub for iOS release31.12.2021: Spheroid.Earth Alpha for iOS release10.08.2021: Voxel Bridge AR Art installation at Vancouver Biennale Open01.05.2021: SPH Farming Launch12.02.2021: Hosting Breaking the Screen AR Exhibition


Today, you can become one of the owners of the Earth’s digital (AR/XR) surface. For this purpose, we’ve created Spaces - NFT tokens of the Spheroid Universe ecosystem. Spaces allow you to receive advertising revenue from the selected area on Earth’s digital surface.

For over 5 years we’ve been creating advanced computer vision technologies, and a special programming language for Augmented Reality (AR/XR). Augmented Reality is a technology that going to transform the world more than the Internet did.

Already sold

300 000

In sale

5 000

What I can do with Space?

Resell, lease and create advertising spaces. You determine the way to monetize your Space, and the platform will assist in implementing your strategy.

  1. Buy & Sell

    Earn on one of the main media industry trends: Augmented Reality and NFT. Each Space is an independent source of revenue. Buy and sell promising Spaces and earn on transactions.

    Buy & Sell
  2. Use

    Extended Reality is a world where advertising is a vivid, vibrant, and fascinating. Purchase a Space in a location where your goods or services are sold or rent your Space to advertisers. Create impressive content that beats any traditional advertising media in scale and efficiency.


History & Roadmap

Spheroid Universe is a platform for developing and launching AR/XR projects on the breakthrough technological foundation of the Spheroid XR Cloud and the Spheroid Script cross-platform programming language.

Spheroid Universe is also an actively growing ecosystem with an almost 100,000-member community that constructs the Augmented Reality world, moving step by step from futuristic models to real manifestations in science and technology, art and culture, blockchain and DeFi.


Spheroid Demiurge IDE

Visually integrated cloud-based development environment for programmers and designers who work together on XR/AR projects


Demiurge Store

App marketplace that expands platform functionality with services created by the developer community



Community-based Earth mapping project. Photo data collected by users are processed using AI methods to form a digital 3D map of the surroundings, which is linked to Spaces.


XRHub for iOS

XR Hub is a lightweight, powerful and efficient mobile app built with Spheroid AR Engine.


New Marketplace

New design and features: Advertising in Spaces, Spheroid.Earth interface, Space and SPH governance functions


XR AD Service

People and brands can place XR content in your Space and pay for Space usage


Space API

Ensures that XR applications comply with applicable policies set by Space owners


XR Teams

Find a developer team to create and design your XR project


Analytical Services

Get Information on Space traffic and user interactions with your XR content


E‑commerce Module

Show and sell your goods in XR - in the most innovative and impressive way possible


Project Area

An area for developers to present XR projects and raise funds for their implementation


Space Marketplace

Marketplace allows users to trade Spaces and earn on transactions


Platform API

Create interactive XR scenes that change its appearance and content in real-time using the platform API


Spheroid Script

Cross-platform programming language designed by Spheroid Universe to speed up the development of XR/AR applications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Spheroid Universe?

    Spheroid Universe is creating the world's first decentralized extended reality social network where SPACE owners, rather than a centralized IT corporation, receive the main share of ads monetization.

    The benefits of SPACES ownership include:

    • Advertising your products in Spaces using Spheroid Universe’s AR/XR technology
    • Renting your Spaces out to Advertisers & Businesses
    • Buying Spaces as gifts for your loved ones…
    • Reselling your Spaces at the price of your choice
    • Earning up to 20% commissions on Space sales at the Primary Marketplace through the Expansion mechanics.
  • What is AR? VR? XR? What do these acronyms mean?

    AR stands for Augmented Reality, VR – for Virtual Reality. Extended Reality (XR) is a combination on both Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR).

  • What is SPH?

    SPH is the native ERC-20 token of the Spheroid Universe ecosystem. It can be exchanged for SPACE NFT (ERC-721).

  • What is a Space?

    Space is a single parcel of augmented reality, with a unique geo-location tied to geographic coordinates on the Earth surface.

  • What’s the difference between Space and SPH?

    Spaces are NFTs (ERC-721) and they are the platform's main product. The world of Spheroid Universe is the world of planet Earth’s Extended Reality, which is parceled out into plots called Spaces NFT (ERC-721). Each Space may be filled with advertising, entertainment, visual references, and other content. The Space owner is the one who earns on its monetization. Space NFT is the basic element of the ecosystem that connects XR, AI and user’s personal activity in the Spheroid.Earth project.

    SPH (ERC-20) is a utility token that fuels the activities of the platform.

  • Where can I buy Spaces?

    Spheroid Universe’s Marketplace is the perfect place to start: https://ecosystem.spheroid.io/marketplace

  • Is SPH listed on any exchanges?

    Yes. It is listed on Uniswap, 1incn and other exchanges.

    You can find the full list of the active SPH markets here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/spheroid-universe/markets/

  • What is the total supply of SPH and its smart contract?

    The total supply is 10 billion (10,000,000,000) SPH and the smart contract is: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa0cf46eb152656c7090e769916eb44a138aaa406

  • What is an Expansion?

    An Expansion is the process of creating and expanding a zone of influence to the areas adjacent to your Spaces. Expansion is the management of an area without the need to own the entire area.

  • How do I benefit from the Expansion?

    When a Space in your Expansion zone is sold by the Platform, you receive a commission. Any Space that belongs to a user can become the center of their Expansion. The user chooses a Space as the center and starts the Expansion from there.

  • What is the Spheroid.Earth project?

    Spheroid.Earth is a community-based project that seeks to create a digital copy of Earth. Photo data collected by users are processed using AI and computer vision methods to form a digital 3D map of the surroundings, which is linked to Spaces NFT. People's motivation is ensured by recording their contribution to the work and transferring the digitized Spaces NFT – the puzzle pieces of the future digital Earth image – into their ownership.

  • Where can I find more information about the team?

    You will find all the information on our LinkedIn site: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spheroid-universe

Our News

XR Hub for iOS release


XR Hub is a lightweight, powerful and efficient mobile app built with Spheroid AR Engine.

Spheroid.Earth Alpha for iOS release


Spheroid.Earth is a community-based Earth mapping project. Photo data collected by users are processed using AI and computer vision methods to form a 3D point-cloud data which is linked to Spaces.

Voxel Bridge AR Art installation at Vancouver Biennale Open


Voxel Bridge is a milestone event in Contemporary Art. It exists simultaneously in three worlds: in the real world, in Augmented Reality and in live blockchain.

SPH Farming Launch


Stake your SPH on Uniswap and get daily rewards

Hosting Breaking the Screen AR Exhibition


A show that exhibits 10 Giant Crypto Art Objects in 10 cities’ open public spaces in Augmented Reality

Presenting Spheroid.Earth on ETHDenver 2021


Presenting the Spheroid.Earth visual positioning system that helps to precisely position AR objects globally

Khronos Group member


Spheroid Universe has joined the Khronos Group, an industry consortium that develops glTF, OpenGL, WebGL and OpenXR programming interfaces

Join VR/AR Association


Spheroid Universe has joined VRARA, an organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies in the VR/AR ecosystem

Spheroid SQL release


Spheroid Universe presents Spheroid SQL a database query language and an integral part of Spheroid Script programming language

The launch of the Spheroid Demiurge Store


Spheroid Demiurge Store is a store of different applications, plugins, assets and extensions of the Platform

Spheroid UI Engine release


With the help of the Spheroid UI Engine, developers can create and embed any interfaces into an XR application

Spheroid Demiurge IDE launch


Presenting cloud-based integrated development environment which allows to create digital worlds, fill, and animate them.

Introducing Spheroid Script


Spheroid Script is high-performance and energy-efficient cross-platform programming language designed by the Spheroid Universe team for AR/XR development

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