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Buy a Space (Virtual Land) for $1 
to build your XR for free


Your share of Earth’s digital surface

Real product

Developed by Computer Vision and AI expert team

ABO Digital Commits $25M to Extended Reality Metaverse Company Spheroid Universe


Space is your part of Earth’s digital surface. Spaces allow you to place any content in Augmented Reality anywhere in the world!

Place unique congratulations, showcase your art, advertise your products, experiment with breakthrough technology!


510 000



XR Advertising

Build in XR

Buy a Space and follow the simple steps to place content in XR with Spheroid Warp!

XR Advertising

Dive in the Metaverse

Download XR Hub to see the XR content you've built! Support of iOS and Android Smart Glasses is on the way!

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XR Hub

What else can I do with Spaces?

Lease your Spaces. Earn on trading Spaces. Buy unique Spaces, digitize them with Spheroid Earth technology and sell them at an even higher price!

  1. Lease

    Earn on leasing your Spaces.
    Set the prices for placing content in your Spaces for brands and other users!

  2. Trade

    Purchase a Space and put in up for sale at a higher price in the Spheroid marketplace!

  3. Grow value

    Benefit from growing with the ecosystem.
    The more Apps are launched in the Spheroid ecosystem, the more valuable your Spaces become.
    Don’t miss the opportunity to get Spaces now while the prices are still very low!

    Grow value

History & Roadmap

Smart Glasses are going to change the world and the way we consume information more than Internet did.
We develop advanced tools and technologies for developers to benefit from the new AR/XR Era.

Games, entertaining, educational and other Apps built by Spheroid developers community brings the traffic and boosts Spaces’ value.

Your Spaces are connected to all the Apps built by developers community so you earn when developers are placing ADs in you Spaces.


New Marketplace

New design and features: Advertising in Spaces, Spheroid.Earth interface


Spheroid Warp

People and brands can place XR content in your Space and pay for Space usage


AI Avatars

Avatars In Augmented Reality With Artificial Intelligence!


Spheroid Script 3.0

The new version of Spheroid Script allows to create advanced AR/XR Apps and mechanics.


UI Engine 3.0

The new version of UI Engine allows to build complex native-class quialty interfaces for Apps


Space API

Ensures that XR applications comply with applicable policies set by Space owners


XR Teams

Find a developer team to create and design your XR project


Analytical Services

Get Information on Space traffic and user interactions with your XR content


E‑commerce Module

Show and sell your goods in XR - in the most innovative and impressive way possible


Project Area

An area for developers to present XR projects and raise funds for their implementation


Space Marketplace

Marketplace allows users to trade Spaces and earn on transactions


Platform API

Create interactive XR scenes that change its appearance and content in real-time using the platform API


Spheroid Script

Cross-platform programming language designed by Spheroid Universe to speed up the development of XR/AR applications


Spheroid Demiurge IDE

Visually integrated cloud-based development environment for programmers and designers who work together on XR/AR projects


Demiurge Store

App marketplace that expands platform functionality with services created by the developer community



Community-based Earth mapping project. Photo data collected by users are processed using AI methods to form a digital 3D map of the surroundings, which is linked to Spaces.


XRHub for iOS

XR Hub is a lightweight, powerful and efficient mobile app built with Spheroid AR Engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get with a $1,0 Space?

    You can use all our existing and future platform services. Those services allow to:

    - Create and place XR content: share it with friends, place ads and advertise your business, attract new customers, showcase your art, entertain your friends, explore your creativity and so much more!

    - Monetize your Space: lease it to others and trade it!

  • What is Spheroid Universe?

    Spheroid Universe is a futuristic MetaVerse that can be accessed in Extended Reality (XR). Spheroid Universe augments the real world in every part of the Earth. This virtual layer covering the Earth is parceled into plots called Spaces.

    The one who owns a Space - rules it!

  • What is AR? VR? XR? What do these acronyms mean?

    AR stands for Augmented Reality, VR – for Virtual Reality. Extended Reality (XR) is a combination on both Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR).

  • What is a Space?

    Space is a single parcel of augmented reality, with a unique geo-location tied to geographic coordinates on the Earth surface.

  • What is Spheroid Warp?

    It’s a unique tool that allows you to post AR/XR content anywhere in the world in just a few clicks. It’s a very simple and intuitive, yet very powerful tool. You don't need any technical knowledge to use it.

    Spheroid Warp allows to:

    - Advertise your business
    - Place ADs
    - Showcase your art to the world
    - Organize your own quests
    - Wish happy birthday to your loved ones
    - Entertain your friends
    - And so much more!

    With Spheroid Warp you can start monetizing your Spaces!

    You can launch Spheroid Warp here: https://ecosystem.spheroid.io/xr-manager/

  • How can I trade Spaces?

    You can go the Spheroid Marketplace https://ecosystem.spheroid.io and put you Spaces up for sale. In the Marketplace you can add photos and descriptions to your Spaces and manage the prices.

  • How can I lease my Space?

    You can lease your Spaces or allow to place XR content on them as soon as you’ve purchased them. When a Space is leased, you will receive rental payments on a daily basis.
    You can automate rental rates for your Spaces or set them manually in the My Rules section: https://ecosystem.spheroid.io/xr-manager/my-rules

  • How to find the best Spaces?

    The best Spaces are those that attract the most traffic: airports, train stations, stadiums, trade centers, parks, exhibition centers and others.
    You may like the idea of purchasing a Space where your loved ones live so you can post incredible 3D messages in Augmented Reality and surprise them.

    Purchase a Space near your company or store and float your logo or the goods you sell in the air right above the store entrance!

  • What Apps were built with Spheroid tech?

    MegaQuest, XR Hub, Spheroid Metaverse, Vancouver Biennale, Metaversal, Spheroid Earth, PixelVoxel were built by the Spheroid team. Planeta Nostra AR/XR real-time shooter game is being developed by Spheroid right now.
    More Apps and Games are going to be released by the developer community soon!

  • Where can I find out more about the Planeta Nostra game?

    The Planeta Nostra game is developed on top of the high-performance AR/XR engine built by Spheroid. The game is a combination of a real-time 3D shooter that takes place in augmented reality and a strategic web browser gaming mode.
    The ADs placed in the game will be distributed among Space owners. You can find out more about the upcoming game here: https://www.planetanostra.com

  • What is the Spheroid.Earth project?

    Spheroid.Earth is an Open World Project for creating a Digital copy of Earth.

    Photo data collected by users are processed using AI and computer vision methods to form a digital 3D map of the surroundings, which is linked to Spaces. This digital 3D map helps to position AR/XR virtual objects on top of the real world.

    Anyone can join the Open World Spheroid Earth Project, from anywhere in the World! All you need to do is download the XR Hub app https://xrqr.spheroid.io/xrhub/app , run Spheroid Earth in it, and follow simple instructions to make your first Spheroid Earth reconstruction!

  • What are AI Avatars?

    AI Avatars technology by Spheroid allows you to Create an AI Avatar and place it anywhere in the real world.
    Avatar will talk to people with voice chat! You can use AI Avatars for Business, Education, Adversting or just for Fun!

    Find out more about AI Avatars

  • Where can I find more information about the team?

    You will find all the information on our LinkedIn site: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spheroid-universe

Our News

Spheroid partners Meta Ads


The Meta Ads platform will be integrated into the Spheroid ecosystem, allowing its advertisers to place commercial content in the Apps built with Spheroid XR Engine 3.0

ABO Digital Commits $25M to Spheroid


This funding commitment from ABO Digital marks a significant milestone for Spheroid.

UNAM University collaborates with Spheroid to promote Science


The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), will incorporate AR in Science communication to improve outreach, teaching and research.

Planeta Nostra AR game is scheduled for release in 2024


Check out the latest AR/XR game characters revealed!

Spheroid Universe and MetaLetters participated in CADAF ART FAIR


Bridging between Installation Art, AR, Digital Art, and Community building.

The sky full of ART: shots from AR parade with MetaLetters


Video footage from the AR parade with MetaLetters. The whole sky of New York was filled with incredible Art.

A new Marketplace has been launched


The Spheroid website has its marketplace in a completely new format. Now it is well-designed, functional, easy to use, and optimized for mobile.

XR Hub for iOS release


XR Hub is a lightweight, powerful and efficient mobile app built with Spheroid AR Engine.

Spheroid.Earth Alpha for iOS release


Spheroid.Earth is a community-based Earth mapping project. Photo data collected by users are processed using AI and computer vision methods to form a 3D point-cloud data which is linked to Spaces.

Voxel Bridge AR Art installation at Vancouver Biennale Open


Voxel Bridge is a milestone event in Contemporary Art. It exists simultaneously in three worlds: in the real world, in Augmented Reality and in live blockchain.

Hosting Breaking the Screen AR Exhibition


A show that exhibits 10 Giant Crypto Art Objects in 10 cities’ open public spaces in Augmented Reality

Khronos Group member


Spheroid Universe has joined the Khronos Group, an industry consortium that develops glTF, OpenGL, WebGL and OpenXR programming interfaces

Join VR/AR Association


Spheroid Universe has joined VRARA, an organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies in the VR/AR ecosystem

Spheroid SQL release


Spheroid Universe presents Spheroid SQL a database query language and an integral part of Spheroid Script programming language

The launch of the Spheroid Demiurge Store


Spheroid Demiurge Store is a store of different applications, plugins, assets and extensions of the Platform

Spheroid UI Engine release


With the help of the Spheroid UI Engine, developers can create and embed any interfaces into an XR application

Spheroid Demiurge IDE launch


Presenting cloud-based integrated development environment which allows to create digital worlds, fill, and animate them.

Introducing Spheroid Script


Spheroid Script is high-performance and energy-efficient cross-platform programming language designed by the Spheroid Universe team for AR/XR development

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